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Our Mission

Read The Muse is a platform that celebrates, supports, and shares creativity and talent across all fields, especially music, arts, culture and events. Everything we post about, we are sharing because we believe in its values – be it a book, a band or an event with a purpose.

We also want to highlight artists and talented individuals that we believe in. We know what it’s like to be starting out as an aspiring *insert thing here* and how difficult it is having to rely on self-promotion to get exposure as a creative.

That’s where we come in. We want to review and interview artists, creatives, business and knowledge gurus on what they’re doing, why they’re doing it, and how they’re doing it, with the hope that it will inspire others to keep pursuing their thing.

We are particularly passionate about sharing work and interviews by women, POC and LGBTQ+ artists. Our roots find their anchor in the message that our differences are our strengths. When we express ourselves – especially when this expression is a part of an identity that we have previously felt compelled to hide or dim – we find strength. 

For Our Readers

If you like to read about creative things and creative people, or love an interview or a review here and there, then we can provide you with inspiring news articles, interviews, reviews, and pointers to great artists and entertainers producing great work and content. We are also firm believers in creatives finding the time and motivation to create, particularly for those clinging onto a day job around their passion, and we like to provide little tips and pointers for motivation across our platform. We also like to celebrate the things and people that make us feel excited, inspired, passionate and colourful, and we share this accordingly. 

Please stick around and enjoy reading about our fabulous muses in all their different flares.

For Our Muses

If you’re an artist of some sort, be it a musician/singer, painter, writer, entrepreneur, life-affirming role-model, then we want to know about you. We want to know what inspires your work and how you got to putting it into practice. If you would like to be featured on Read The Muse, or have an event/work you would like us to attend or review, then please get in touch. 

If any of this applies to you, then please get in touch with us by email at with a clear subject line stating your name/work/band name etc, and a clear description of what you’re telling us about in the opening of your email. 

We can’t wait to hear from you!



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